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Winter Season 2024

Happy New Year RVVAers! We hope everyone's ready for some more volley! Winter League schedules have been posted on the website First matches will start January 7th. Here are a few important updates/reminders for this season:

  • Be on time. We all know that volleyball players are notoriously late, so let's make it our New Years resolution to be early to our games this season. Court supervisors will make sure that matches start at 5 minutes after, even if you don't have all of your players there. Try to warm up on the sidelines as much as possible and keep hitting lines to under 5 minutes.

  • Make your own calls. Since we do not have refs during regular season matches, make sure that you are making your own calls. Let's make sure we are especially calling our own doubles in A and BB league.

  • Refs for playoffs. We are going to try to have refs for all A, BB, women's, and men's league playoff matches this season.

  • Fill out rosters and substitutes. As always, make sure that you are filling out your team roster each week. Players must have played in three regular season games to be eligible for playoffs. If you need a sub during the regular season, try to be strategic as to who you get. Using the same sub three times would be best case scenario to avoid issues for playoffs. The RVVA Board is working on tightening up our rules for subs for next season.

  • Playoffs. Playoffs will begin on March 24th, so plan accordingly! Once again, if you know that one of your players will miss a playoff game, try to find someone to sub at least three times so they are eligible.

  • Changes to BB League after Winter Season. In order to make sure that BB teams are fair, we are making a slight change to the BB team make up after this upcoming season. It will still consist of 4 "skilled players" allowed on the court at a time, but your other two players can not be on an A team (or played on an A team in the past 3 seasons). For summer BB League, it will be 3 "skilled players" and 1 player that is not on an A team. The purpose of BB League is to help those who want to get better play with and against more advanced players, with the hopes to eventually move up to A league.

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