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VITV: Ghost Rule and More...

Volley in the Valley is back!

Show Notes:

- Website

- Schedule

- Rules: Coin Toss, Skilled Player Tweaks, "Ghost Players" if less than 6 players.

Since Morgan and Jack were too spooked to explain properly, the Ghost rule is below (also posted on our site).

New Ghost Rule: Teams need at least 4 players to begin a match. If your team has less than 6 players for a match, it is recommended to try to find a sub. Teams starting a match with only 4 or 5 players will result in the missing player(s) as a "ghost player". Every time a "ghost player" moves into the service position, it will be an automatic side-out to the other team (loss of point and loss of serve). If there is one "ghost player" they automatically take position 6 in the serving and rotation order. If there are two "ghost players" they will take positions 3 and 6.

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