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Summer League Registration is Up!

Good Morning RVVAers!

It is time to register for summer league! As always we will be playing our outdoor adult volleyball league at the American Legion in Salem. Leagues will begin in May and run through August. Visit to register. Here is what we have to offer this summer:

  • A and BB Coed Quads will play Monday nights

  • B and C Coed 6s will play Tuesday and Wednesday Nights

  • Mens, Womens, and Coed Doubles will play Thursday Nights

Just like last year, upper coed doubles divisions will play Reverse Coed (played on a women's net and men hit behind the 10 ft line) and lower coed doubles divisions will play Regular Coed (men's net).

Stay tuned for our next Volley In The Valley episode for outdoor season reminders!

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