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Summer League 2023

YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! We have 153 teams signed up for our outdoor summer league. Schedules are officially up, so check them out at Games start May 1st! Here are a few reminders for the summer outdoor season:

  • Coed Quads: doubles rules (no open hand tipping, no finger action in serve receive/free balls, CLEAN sets, etc.). The only exceptions are that a block does NOT count as a touch and there is no setting over the net even if it's clean and square. Teams are allowed to play with 3 players, as long as there is one lady (if playing with 4, teams need at least 2 ladies). No Ghost Rule.

  • Coed Sixes: normal indoor volleyball rules. The Ghost Rule is still in effect and mandatory. The Ghost Rule can not be waived even if teams try to agree before hand. Teams must have at least two ladies.

  • Doubles: stay tuned for a follow up e-mail from our wonderful Doubles Coordinator, Daniel Smith.

  • Rescheduling Games: there will be no rescheduling of quads or sixes games if a team does not have enough players. We encourage the use of the Facebook Group and Free Agent Board to find substitutes. In doubles, it is also preferred that you try to find a sub if your partner is out that week, rather than trying to reschedule.

  • Captain Communication: Captains, please reach out early to the other team if you have to forfeit. Try not to wait until the hour before or at game time. Captains list is posted on the RVVA website.

  • Rosters: For Quads and Sixes, please make sure to fill out the rosters each week. It will be enforced that players must have played in at least three games to be allowed to participate in playoffs.

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