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AED for Countryside

Want to win a 50 dollar credit for next falls registration?

The compress and shock foundation is offering free AEDs for organizations that get 35 participants to take part in an hour long training. We are trying to get one for countryside and need your help.

Imagine if your teammate collapsed during a game...every 2 minutes without intervention is 10% less chance they survive. Now remember how spotty the cellphone signal is and how remote and inaccessible the gym is. Isn't 1 hour the least you can do to ensure access to this lifesaving equipment?

On Saturday June 3rd at the melrose library, we need 35 people to show up for training. Right now we have 8 registered. If we don't get 35, we don't get a FREE AED. There are 1099 subscribers to this email as of this morning. Surely we can get 35 people?

As an added incentive, 1 participant will be randomly selected to receive a 50 dollar credit for next indoor seasons registration.

Thanks for reading this far.

Nate J

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